Personal Background

I spent my formative years in the backwoods of Indiana in a small farming town of 5,000 quiet souls called, appropriately enough, Bloomfield. I spent my High School years in a relatively safe, yet boring environment that gave me lots of room to run wild in the cornfields. It was there that I experienced and grappled with all those mysteries and heartaches that accompany adolescence.

Upon completing my High School degree I went 30 miles north to the larger city of Bloomington where the University of Indiana had its main campus of 30,000 students. The campus population was larger than the city itself and this made for an extremely liberal environment, for Indiana at least, and it was here that I began to broaden my horizons.

As you probably know Indiana is a fairly conservative place and its most favorite son now is Dan Quayle. After a few years of expanding my intellect and my consciousness I decided it was best for me to move on to some place else so that is how I found myself living in San Francisco, California. I loaded up my old Ford LTD and headed as far West as I could go without becoming amphibious.

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