Articles About San Francisco Cemeteries

The articles listed below were researched from the San Francisco Archives at the San Francisco Main Library.

The first article talks about the graves that still remain beneath the grounds of Lincoln Park and under the turf of the Municipal Golf Course.

Another article talks about the vandalism and other activities witnessed by the aging cemeteries in the Richmond District during their twilight years.

The last documents reprint pre-election arguments and debates over Proposition 43 in the November 1924 elections. This prevented the removal of the cemeteries that still populated a number of the neighborhoods of San Francisco, for another decade or so at least. Proposition 43 passed with 71,085 Yes Votes and 63,966 No Votes.

I plan to add to this list as my time allows and if anyone has any interesting additions of your own, I would be glad to hear from you. Submit any correspondence HERE - please.

  1. Forgotten Graves Yield Glimpse of Past - Los Angeles Times - Friday, November 12, 1993
    • by Roy Rivenburg
  2. Photographs Reveal Lost Cemetery - The Berkeleyn - May 6-12, 1998
    • by Sunny Merik, Public Affairs
  3. Vandalism at San Francisco Cemeteries
  4. Ballot Aruguments For Voting Yes On Proposition 43
  5. Ballot Aruguments For Voting No On Proposition 43
  6. "How to get in touch with the deceased" - San Francisco Chronicle - Sunday, October 29, 2006.
    • by Delfin Vigil
  7. The Story of Elizabeth "Libby' Lewis and her final resting place.
    • Images and Story provided by Barbara Webster of Ukiah, California.
  8. The History of the Marine Hospital Cemetery.
    • by Jennifer McCann of The Presidio Archaeology Center.

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