"NO" on Ballot Proposition 43 - The Repeal of the Cemetery Removal Laws

Vote "NO" on Repeal Cemetery Removal Ordinance No. 43 on Ballot

There has been no burial in any of the cemeteries of San Francisco since 1900, at which time further burials were prohibited by ordinances of the Board of Supervisors under authority of law. Recently the Board of Supervisors through authority of an act of Legislature passed in 1923, adopted four ordinances directing the removal of Calvary, Laurel Hill, Odd Fellows and Masonic cemeteries, respectively. The Mayor, believing that these ordinance should be submitted to a vote of the people, has prepared for that purpose.

Vote "NO" on this ordinance. This means that you wish the cemeteries removed.

Mayor Rolph Urges Removal of All Cemeteries

The Mayor in a letter to the Board of Superiors in which he requested that this repealing ordinance be submitted to the people said, among other things the following "I believe the removal of the cemeteries to be necessary. The duty of government, however, is always more to the living than to the dead. If we must provide for the expansion of our city it must be a city of homes. To this end sentiment must yield to progress. It is conceded by all that at sometime these cemeteries must be removed. All the ground within San Francisco is required for living inhabitants. To contribute to that end we must; when necessary, lay aside sentiment. The city belongs to the generations living, and to the ones that are to come after."

Superiors Vote 11 to 1 for removal of All Cemeteries

The Board of Superiors carefully considered this subject of cemeteries removal for months, both before committees and the full Board before voting to remove Calvary, Masonic, Odd Fellows and Laurel Hill cemeteries by the following vote:

Ayes - 11

Noes - None

Absent - 1

Leading Civic Bodies Unanimous in the Opinion That Cemetery Ordinances Already passed - Should Not Be Repealed

These removals as provided by these ordinances have been approved by the Chamber of Commerce, Down "Town" Association, Civic League of Improvement Chapter, San Francisco Real Estate Board, Mission Merchants, Filmore Merchants and Improvement Association, Divisadero Improvement Association, Geary Street Merchants, Western Addition Protective and Improvements Association.

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