I grew up in Southern Indiana and it was a fairly conservative Republican strong hold then, as it is now. (As a witness I would like to call on Dan Quayle) ...FLASH....Indiana is a KKK hotbed. I always felt out of place. When I was able to vote I never seemed to vote for anything that had a chance of winning. It was a major reason why I became an Indiana Refugee and fled to California.

My parents were Democrats because they grew up on farms during the Great Depression and F.D.R. saved their families and their farms. They taught me that the Democrats cared for the little people.

I grew up on the coattails of the Kennedy family and their idealism about doing something for others. Now I am concerned with Multiculturism and trying to include everyone in our society and in its decisions and benefits.

I would not consider myself part of the Radical Left because I feel they are just as dangerous and close-minded as the Radical Right. Intolerance and Fascism and Stalinism are the same in any language or in any way that you want to paint it! (Period...the interval between certain happenings:)

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