When I say refugee, I mean it in the same sense where someone has to leave their home and flee from where they live or risk some great peril. Indiana had become something dangerous and threatening on many levels and I felt nothing but bad luck awaited me if I stayed much longer.

Webster's New World Dictionary defines it this way: "refugee, a person who flees from his home or country to seek refuge elsewhere, as in a time of war, political or religious persecution, etc."

Websters defines refuge as: "1. shelter or protection from danger, difficulty, etc. 2. a person or thing that gives shelter, help, or comfort. 3. a place of safety; shelter; safe retreat. 4. an expediency; shift; action taken to escape consequences."

San Francisco was my refuge and from the first day that I arrived I felt at home, albeit a little overwhelmed and bewildered, but definately charmed and impressed. Of course, things have changed over the years, but none the less, still this is my home and I don't plan on moving any time soon.

I actually hope to have at least some of my ashes sprinkled out beyond the Golden Gate Bridge and the rest deposited in the Columbarium, if I can afford it. I have a scenario in my head about becoming plankton furtilizer and then being eaten up by a whale as it passes by on its ageless routine of journey. In this manner I would become incarnated, in a fashion, within the whale and then be able to pass by San Francisco at least twice a year, waving a flipper as I go.

Anyway, I digress....below are some links about Refugees.

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