This is a map showing the probable location of the Russian Hill Cemetery which was reported to of been north of Vallejo Street on a slope between Taylor and Jones Streets overlooking today's Coolbrith Park.

This cemetery started around 1848 and was needed to bury a number of dead Russian sailors from a military ship, "stricken with some malarian disease". Russian Orthodox persons were not compatable at the Roman Catholic Mission Dolores Cemetery, or for that matter with the Protestants either (scattered in variuos places). Consequently, they were forced to improvise and chose this stunning hilltop.

The first two "Official" hangings in San Francisco were authorized and took place December 10, 1852, near the cemetery, according to the San Francisco Daily Examiner on the 2nd of October, 1887(p15). *

It doesn't seem to have been used much after 1850 and contained only 30 to 40 graves. They were probably moved to the Yerba Buena Cemetery in 1853 and then, subsequently, also moved to the Golden Gate Cemetery (aka Russian Cemetery). Sort of a macabre version of "Musical Graves" to speak.

...Do I hear a "Russian Lullaby" floating in the wind and the fog and the rain?

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