This is a map showing the reported location of the Telegraph Hill Cemetery and was also called Yerba Buena, Sansome Street and the Sailor's Burial Ground. The boundaries were Broadway, Green, Sansome and Battery Streets. During this period the waterfront was just a block or two away and this was probably one of the earliest cemeteries, besidies the Mission Dolores Church Cemetery and the Spanish Presidio Cemetery (aka the Presidio Pet Cemetery), which were founded in 1776.

This is a photo here looking at the south western slope of Telegraph Hill with the Bay Bridge and Oakland Hills in the background.

The "Annals of San Francisco" mentions that in the early days bodies were sometimes left where they fell. Occasionally they were stuffed under a bush or shrubs or just left on the beach. This Telegraph Hill Cemetery would of been an early milestone or indication civilization was taking hold, somewhat, in San Francisco.

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